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Bridgestone 170/60-17 T32-GT Tubeless Rear Sport Touring Tyre (72W)

Bridgestone 170/60-17 T32-GT Tubeless Rear Sport Touring Tyre (72W)

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The T32 takes a leap forward in motorcycle tyre technology, offering innovative new tread design and rubber compounds. The results provide sport touring riders with the confidence to travel endlessly, rain or shine. 

  • Evacuates water more effectively with a new tread pattern featuring PULSE GROOVE TECHNOLOGY™ and Silica Rich compounds
  • Increased cornering grip and improved feel from larger adhesion area provided by a 13% larger rear contact patch
  • 7% shorter wet stopping distance with no sacrifice in wear life
  • Specific GT spec options for heavier bikes provides additional stability and 10% more wear life

*Comparisons based on Battlax T32 tyre versus Bridgestone Battlax T31 tyre from internal testing. Results may vary.

Pulse Groove

Improved water channelling and drainage resulting in enhanced grip and reduced tyre slip ratio in wet conditions. Pulse Groove Technology works by combining pulse-shaped grooves with small centre deflectors to equalise water flow, which optimises water flow speed compared to a straight groove.

Silica Rich (Front Only)

Silica Rich Compound provides enhanced gripping capability in wet conditions and low temperatures. It also provides a more consistent and longer-lasting grip.

Silica Rich Ex (Rear Only)

Performance in wet conditions is improved by increasing the amount of silica compared to conventional SILICA RICH.

3LX+ Cap & Base (Rear Only)

The CAP&BASE construction divides the shoulder of the compound of the tyre into upper and lower sections. By using a high grip compound for the upper section of the shoulder, and a high stability abrasion-resistant compound for the lower and central sections, this provides the desired combination of both performance and mileage.

RC Polymer

RC Polymer technology optimises the distribution of silica within the rubber compound and improves tread flexibility allowing greater contact with the road surface in both hot and cold conditions. The reduction in molecular friction also improves rolling resistance, therefore increasing fuel economy.


NanoPro-Tech is the name of a technology that facilitates the realisation of the required features in a tyre by controlling the material microstructure through structural design at the molecular level. It is one of Bridgestone’s fundamental technologies.

MS Belt

MSB construction means that a continuous single strand is wrapped around the circumference of the tyre. This one-piece construction eliminates overlapping of belts, seams, and joints. An MSB tyre is lighter than conventional multi-cross belt construction, it also has more stability since it minimises heat generation inside the tyre and gives high shock absorption.


Bridgestone was the very first motorcycle tyre manufacturer to utilise 1X5 filament rubber insulated steel (MSB) in the manufacture of its motorcycle radial tyres. This makes the tyre more flexible, provides more stability without a reduction in shock absorption and minimises the generation of heat throughout the tyre.

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