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This All Balls wheel bearing kit fits IRS on certain models. Detailed fitment is listed below:
Wheel Bearing Kit Rear Honda TRX420 FA IRS 09-18, TRX420 FPA IRS 09-14, TRX500FA 15-18, TRX500FM IRS 15-18, TRX700XX 08-09

Hands down, the most complete line of wheel bearing and seal kits!
All the bearings and seals required to refit a wheel in one convenient package.
Premium high-speed bearings feature low drag, double lip seals on both sides to provide superior exclusion of water and dirt and improved grease retention.

High-performance Chevron SRI-II grease features special rust inhibitors for the most demanding applications.
Type TC, Nitrile Elastomer wheel seals are specifically designed to keep out water and dirt whilethe rubber coated outside diameter creates an optimum seal at the hub. Quality design and construction of every All Balls piece meet the toughest standards and conditions - from daily commuting to full-on racing, all older bearing and seal designs are upgraded to the best and latest specs and designs.

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