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Zeta Ultralight Clutch Perch 3-Finger

Zeta Ultralight Clutch Perch 3-Finger

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- Ultralight clutch perch that supports a wide range of functions from streets to off-road racers and covers the functions of all.
- Ratio device( PAT.1416268) that can adjust the lever ratio in 4 steps (Applying for design). Adjust the balance between how the clutch is engaged and the lightness of pulling to your preference.
- By swinging the head of the wire adjuster, the direction of the wire is adjusted appropriately and the ratio can be adjusted to your preference in 4 steps.
- Comparison table to compare setting to stock model feel.
- Large, tool-free cable slack adjuster improves ease and accuracy of adjustment over stock adjustor.
- Plastic sleeve built into the handlebar clamp rotates when it falls to release the impact and reduce damage to the lever.
- Increased strength of the pivot part, which is easily damaged by the lever, to prepare for the impact of a fall.
- Forged aluminium lever has strength and durability with a refined shape designed for ease of pull.
- The reach of the lever (from grip) can be adjusted according to the size of the hand.
- Includes mounting hardware
- Universal type.

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