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Air Filter Super-Flo Yamaha YZF/WRF '18-'22 Flame Resist

Air Filter Super-Flo Yamaha YZF/WRF '18-'22 Flame Resist

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Do you want to modify your air filter cage and remove the backfire screen to maximise airflow? You need a No Toil flame-resistant air filter! The foam is specially treated to resist flames and sparks, will not hold a flame, AND more importantly, you get more horsepower!

Note: The Super-Flo Flame Resistant filters can be used with an original cage, but care must be taken to ensure that all traces of the original gauze have been removed to avoid ingestion into the combustion chamber).

NO TOIL manufactures the World's best 2-stage foam air filters. Using only the best flame-laminated dual-layer foam bonded with the highest quality glue they hand make each foam filter to stand up to the roughest and toughest of any style of riding or terrain. These filters, used with No-Toil foam filter oil, provide the best air filtration system in the world! (Remember: NO TOIL oil washes clean in water and is 100% biodegradable; dirty water can be thrown down the sink. You do not need to use harmful petrol or kerosene to clean your filter. No Toil oil is 100% waterproof - until water is mixed with No Toil cleaning crystals).


  • Foam Filters
  • Fast Filters (Pre-Oiled Foam Filters)
  • Super Flo (Flame Resistant) Filters
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